Huang Yongping moves his ‘Circus’ to the Red Brick Art Museum

When Chinese artist Huang Yongping exhibited Circus, three installation art works created by stuffing animals, at New York's Gladstone Gallery two years ago, art followers both at home and aboard were astonished by the artist's creativity and imagination. As the last part of an ongoing art project inspired by the Chinese clasic literary work Tales from the Taiping Era, these "animals" have finally returned to the Beijing's Red Brick Art Museum along with Huang's installations Thousand-hand Guanyin and Peach Blossom Spring. 

Once exhibited at the 2012 Shanghai Biennial, the giant installation Thousand-hand Guanyin is being exhibited in three parts at the exhibition. Written work Peach Blossom Spring records Huang's understanding of poet Tao Yuanming (352-427), who wrote the original classic Peach Blossom Spring. The exhibition will run until January 16.