Your Sound Galaxy, 2012, is a group of twenty-seven polyhedra suspended from the ceiling and arranged in two horizontally concentric circles. The polyhedra are arranged in a clockwise sequence in which each form has more faces than the last, leading up to, but never reaching, a sphere. Each form is made of a stainless steel frame clad in mirrored glass that is turned inwards, so that the mirrors’ blue-grey versos act as the faces of the polyhedron. A single halogen light bulb mounted inside each polyhedron is multiplied by the reflective interior into a twinkling glow that escapes through the gaps in the frames and gives the sense of a universe contained within.

 Olafur Eliasson   Your Sound Galaxy     2012  Stainless steel, mirror, halogen bulbs , An installation consisting of 27 lamps     ø between 58cm and 70cm  


The twenty-seven polyhedra are organisable into nine ‘families’ of three related forms, in which two of the three are so-called dual polyhedra – meaning that the vertices of one correspond to the faces of the other – and the third, hanging in the inner circle, is created by combining the other two. For example, an octahedron, made from eight equilateral triangles, is combined with its dual, a cube, to form a cube-octahedron. An example of a more complex combination is the pentagonal icositetra–snub cube: the fusion of a polyhedron with twenty-four faces, known as a pentagonal icositetra, with a snub cube, which has twenty-four vertices and thirty-eight faces (six squares and thirty-two equilateral triangles).