Pak Sheung Chuen Workshop:“Night Museum :Sampling the Museum Paranormal”

Planner Bai Shuangquan
Venue Red Brick Art Museum, redbrickartmuseun,
Organizer redbrickartmuseun
Language Chinese
Ticket FREE
Into an unkonwn world where everything is unknown in front of you… have you tried to visit an art museum in complete darkness where you can only use a flashlight to look at the works of art while listening to ghost stories?
At the beginning of this exhibition, artist Pak Sheungchuen organized a class for writing ghost stories who used Beijing as his field of practice. The artist located a series of places that were most suitable for "the ghost" to be reincarnated and wrote the ghost stories on site, acted them out, and disseminated these occult events via newspaper, radio and television channels. With the guidance of this unique occult tour, the art museum will become a world for imagination and experience.

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