Realm of Reverberations as Historical Resistance?

Moderator Gao Shiming
Speaker Chen Chieh-Jen
Participant Huang Shunquan
Venue Red Brick Art Museum
Language Chinese
Ticket FREE
Chen Chieh-jen’ s new work Realm of Reverberations is a four-screen video that unfolds the space and related stories surrounding Taipei’ s Lo-Sheng Sanitarium. After protests at the Sanitarium in 2004, ongoing movements and self - organizing assemblies launched a new generation of students. “Lo - Sheng University”is a key concept in understanding Taiwan’ s unceasing social movements over the past decade. Everyday life diminishes resistance and reverberation, just as history serves to reduce noise even as major incidents become the resounding theme of the times. Reverberations at the sound source may gradually diminish, but what happens to the reverberations of the protest movement? What about those reverberations happening to the consciousness of the participants themselves and to others? Or rather, how do we oppose the impact of everyday life and historicized noise reduction? In this dialogue, we invite the artist, Chen Chieh - jen, along with Professor Shen Lin from the Central Academy of Drama and Professor Huang Sunquan from Taiwan’ s National Kaohsiung Normal University, to discuss and elaborate on the history, stories, protest movements and everyday realities connected to the work.

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