Site – specific Dance: Body, The Moment.

Moderator TANG Zehui
Director CAO Chengyuan
Organizer Red Brick Art Museum
Language Chinese
Ticket FREE
Site-specific dance performance, which rose out of the dance experiments of postmodern and avant-garde choreographers of the 1960s and 70s, continues to permeate the contemporary dance world. Led by the Artistic Director Willy Tsao, dancers from the Beijing Dance/LDTX will explore the museum through body languages, making the architecture becomes as much a part of the performance as the dancer’s body.
“Sensing the space, will the body refuse or embrace it? Is it a process of critical introspection or a venture to essence and the source?
At this moment, the body moves unrestrictedly. It’s an expression of thoughts as well as a physical vocabulary of emotions.”
Artistic Director: Willy Tsao
Dance Company: Beijing Dance/LDTX
Time: 2014.7.6
14:30 - 15:30,  16:00 - 17:00
Venue:  Red Brick Art Museum Lobby
Free admission.
About BeijingDance/LDTX
Founded in September 2005, BeijingDance/LDTX (Lei Dong Tian Xia , literally translated as Thunder Rumbles Under Heaven) is China’s first professional dance company founded independently from government. Under the artistic direction of Willy TSAO, China’s foremost figure in modern dance, and deputy artistic director LI Han-zhong, the company boasts an ensemble with technically exquisite dancers and a diverse repertoire.

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